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Specializing in coatings for solid surface decks, plywood and concrete

We Know Waterproofing

You can trust the multi-skilled professionals at Pahlka Waterproofing for complete water damage repair and prevention. When leaking occurs, don't hesitate to call the company with more than 30 years of superior waterproofing expertise.

The constantly wet climate of the Pacific Northwest creates a harsh environment for outdoor decks and flooring, allowing the potential for serious water damage. Our services keep you and everything around you dry where they need to be. Whether you are doing it by yourself, or need expert advice and reliable installation, we have you and your deck covered. Questions? Call or send us a note.

Water Damage Repair You Can Depend On

In the Pacific Northwest, choosing the right waterproof coating is vital to maintaining the look and structure of your home.
When you have us apply the proper deck sealers and finishes your guests will take note. Parties on your deck will have never looked better.
Trust us to fix any part of your home where leaking is an issue, and provide comprehensive deck repairs when water damage strikes.
In Business for More Than 30 Years
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Protective Deck Sealants

The wet Pacific Northwest weather causes havoc on untreated decks. Pahlka Waterproofing, located in North Seattle, knows the importance of protecting your deck with the best waterproofing products. We know that using the right deck sealants is the secret to a lasting, beautiful deck.

What You Should Know

deck5 The most effective waterproofed decks use sealers filled with flexible membranes that keep in water. Over time, exposure to harsh weather, sunlight, and foot-traffic diminishes the flexibility of these vital membranes, allowing water to escape. Our crew applies a fluid coating system to waterproof your promenade deck, balcony, sun deck, and parking deck. This provides seamless and most desirable results with the highest amount of protection possible.

Coating & Sealing Benefits

Our application experts coat the surfaces of your deck with industry-leading waterproofing solutions, sealants, and finishes. Once applied, you'll feel confident knowing your structure has superior UV protection and the concrete won't deteriorate or scale.

When & Why to Take Action

To maintain the look of your deck, we recommend waterproofing every 7 to 10 years. Of course, doing it more frequently provides even greater protection, for example in salt-water marine settings. If neglected for any further amount of time, you may experience additional damage and deterioration, resulting in expensive repairs along with new waterproofing.

Contact us to prevent or repair unsightly and harmful deterioration of your deck with our high-quality deck sealants.

Versatile Waterproof Coating

deck8At Pahlka Waterproofing, applying waterproof coating on decks is only part of what we do. We also specialize in waterproofing concrete, garage floors, and in-house flooring. Our expert contractors are available to tackle any job where leaking or water entry damage occurs.

Why We Are Better

Many years of working with various types of materials yield the experience needed to know exactly what's best for your deck or patio. Our competitors will try to sell you expensive products that aren't as effective, like vinyl, fiberglass, or Torch-on SBS systems.

Industry-Leading Products

We only work with the highest quality products that work effectively the first time, including Gel-Coat Products™, Tufflex Pacpoly the leading deck refinishing, sealing, and waterproofing solution in the Pacific Northwest. Various color options are available to match the existing look of your deck or patio. Our company sells and applies the two leading, elastomeric coatings in the world: Pacific Polymers™ and Tufflex™. Our customers experience years of fun and heavy Superkrete use on their decks and patios without feeling the pain of costly water damage. We also make fiberglass repair materials used to seal shower stalls and boats, available through our partner Gel-Coat Products™.

Storefront Advice

Visiting our storefront is a great option for customers that like to be hands-on and ask questions directly to our helpful staff. See our products at work and receive trusted advice from the company with more than 30 years of waterproofing experience. This provides a large advantage over our competition, which operates with only a truck and a cell phone.

Contact us today in Seattle, Washington, for waterproof coating options from the contractors that know what's best for your deck and patio.

Complete Deck Repairs & Replacements

When you notice leaking, Pahlka Waterproofing offers the deck repair or replacement expertise you need. Backed by more than three decades of experience, we know what it takes to make repairs that give you years of worry free outdoor living.

Total Rot Remediation

The term "rot remediation" isn't familiar to most people and sounds downright disgusting. The skilled contractors at Pahlka Waterproofing, on the other hand, know it's a term you will actually grow to love. Simply put, rot remediation means to repair or replace the existing rotted wood, a complicated job. That's not a worry when you call us, as we have the skill needed to give you the best results and bring your deck back to life, no matter what the extent of the damage.

We'll Fix Their Work

Builders regularly cut corners, disregard important home-building steps, and make careless mistakes. While this is unfortunate, we have the skills to correct any shortcomings left by others. In fact, contractors and other professionals constantly depend on us to ensure full protection on their properties the first time.

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